• A TEF is a customized separately-managed account (SMA) structured as an IDF (insurance dedicated
  • TEFs combine exposure to privately placed variable annuities (PPVAs) with Mercury iFunds’ curated
    offerings and its streamlined subscription process
  • TEFs can be held at any custodian (e.g., Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Pershing and others) that
    integrate reporting through DTCC Alternative Investment Products Services in the same manner as any
    other iFund
  • Minimum investments as low as $100,000 per TEF, as opposed to a typical $1,000,000 minimum
    investment with respect to a direct PPVA transaction
  • Aggregation of investors through Mercury iFunds allows TEFs to provide advantageous pricing relative
    to direct PPVA transactions
  • TEFs provide income tax deferral for your clients similar to that provided by an IRA. Unlike an IRA,
    however, there are no restrictions on how much one may invest in a PPVA
  • TEFs do not require any medical underwriting


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