Limited partners are investing heavily in energy funds, but can deal activity keep pace with the growing level of private equity demand?

Graham Winfrey

“We see significant demand for energy funds of pretty much every stripe amongst limited partners globally. We see investor appetite coming from Canadian pension plans, US pension plans, insurance companies, endowments and foundations. In the UK and Europe, pensions, funds of funds and family offices are also targeting energy funds.” – Alan Pardee

“The good news generally at the moment is that investors are back. Our market has returned from the depths of where it was in 2009 and 2010 to an active market again, and one of the very first things they’re focused on are energy funds.” – Alan Pardee

“There is obviously a fair amount of activity that has the prospect of changing what the energy landscape and dynamic feels like, particularly here in the US, where, with all of what’s happening as it relates to shale drilling can completely transform our marketplace. The US could soon become energy exporters. The changes that that would bring to our economy [and] frankly the geopolitical landscape globally are pretty astounding.” – Alan Pardee